Teachers Seminar on Counseling:

A seminar was conducted for the teachers on ‘How to identify if a child needs counseling’. The Seminar was conducted on 10th of June 2016 led by school councilor Mrs. Sunita Dalgado.

The motive of the seminar was to identify the students with disturbed mind, low grasping power, under- developed motor skills. The need for counseling among students with these disabilities is very much needed task. Mrs Sunita Dalgado explained the staff of the visible areas in the students that need to be analyzed. She also educated the teachers with the points that will help them identify a child who is in need of counseling. She also conducted an activity with the teachers to find out their ‘Purpose of Life’.She showed videos to create awareness about the current scenarios and factors affecting a child’s mentality and also the various dangerous activities that a child falls prey to.

Thus , it was an enlightening experience for all the teachers.

Workshop on Media:

Pro-Social Peer Moderation Programme

Media Literacy was conducted on 27th July 2016 at Fortis Hospital, Vashi. Aim of the workshop was to provide the awareness about the reality of News generated by the Media.

The session started with the introduction of trainer’s Dr. ERA DUTTA is the Neuropsychiatrist of Fortis Hospital. They provided one question to all the particepantsto understand their knowledge in Media. After that students are arrenged on ten groups . each group contain 5 to 6 particepants. Trainers gave a intoduction about the medias and asked the questions to the particepants about various medias.

Doctor made the particepants understand about the health affecting factors while using the electronic Medias. They also made them understand about the reality and fantacy in the news.the seeeion discussed about relation and the interaction in the family, Safety & Privacy and Different Interprations on a news by different people.

Self Defence Training

Lioness Club, Panvel organised a self defence training session for the girls on the 15th of October 2016. This initiative was taken to empower girls against the recent crimes happening against women. A professional trainer was hired to instruct the girls on various defence techniques that can be implemented during crucial situations. Around 120 girls from class 6th to 10th participated in the training and thus got benefited. The trainer also discussed the problems faced by the girls at times and shared the various defence strategies to be used during those times.

CBSE Teacher's Training - Project based Learning

A CBSE training for the teachers was conducted on the 17th September 2016. The training was based on the topic Project Based Learning. Mr. J. B. Murthy, the resource person for the workshop trained the teachers on the importance of project based Learning. He explained the methodologies of conducting the projects, the rubrics for displaying excellent projects, the parameters of evaluations of the projects etc. The skills essential for effective projects were also explained in simple terms. Mr. Murthy also exercised an activity with the teachers to evaluate their understanding on the topic.

Career Guidance Counselling Session

Aakash tutorials organised a Career guidance counselling session for the students of STD VII to X on the 10th of October 2016. In this session students were made aware of the competitive world outside and how they need to be prepared for the same. They were advised on how to choose the right career and right subjects after their board exams and the preparation required for it. They were also asked to attempt a competitive exam based on their current syllabus thus giving them an insight for the future ventures.