A Trip To Imagica

After the intensive and exhaustive study and exam schedules the students of Shantiniketan Public School went to Adlabs Imagica and Snowmagica to have a pleasant time on 03rd February, 2017. The students from grades 6 to 10 along with teachers left school at 8:30 in the morning and took an hour’s journey to the theme park.

The fun began with the chilling time at Snowmagica where the students and teachers enjoyed the fun games in the snow. They hit snow balls at each other and clicked pictures with artificial reindeers, penguins and snow man. They also took the experience of being in an in built igloo.

The next destination was the Adlabs Imagica. All the sporty students of SNPS enjoyed the various fun rides and had a gala time till the evening. While rides like Deep Space, Nitro, and Dare to Drop got popular among the senior students, the younger ones filled their adventure void with rides like Salimgarh, Mr. India and Water Ride. Students’ happiness increased by leaps and bounds when after taking up a ride they were shown and given their pictures captured while they were on ride.

The students were also given coupons of Rs. 100 each to shop at discounted rates at the retail shops inside. The students utilized the coupons in buying various goodies. The energy of students knew no bounds, as even post lunch the excited students continued adding thrill to their trip by trying the different rides. Imagica’s evening parade before the trip ended was a beautiful sight and was enjoyed by all.

Overall the trip was a very refreshing one and rejuvenated the students and teachers.


“Going on a picnic, leaving today we have packed our bag and toys”.

As the name of picnic makes everyone happy. It is very important that the picnic should be loads of fun as well as education. The primary section of Shantiniketan Public School got the chance to visit Kidzania, where education is at the heart of every activity.

In the very morning of 8th February 2017 the students and teachers were present at the given time with a bag pack to start the journey to Kidzania by buses. All the students were organized and counted by class teachers. The excitement on their faces, the joy in their hearts and smile on their lips were making the journey towards Kidzania very special. It took almost 45 minutes to reach their.

After the official work the students were allowed to enter the activity park. There were more than 60 real life role-play activities. Like in the bank, on stage, or fighting crime on the streets as a police officer. Each role-play experience is crafted to teach kids essential life skills including financial literacy, teamwork and independence. Designed to empower kids, Kidzania gives them the confidence to challenge themselves and inspire them to explore the world of opportunities.

The importance of education through this excursion are -:
1. Unleash aspiration.
2. Ignite curiosity and imagination.
3. Encourage agility and adaptability.
4. Boost collaboration and communication.
5. Inspire critical thinking and problem solving.
6. Foster creativity, initiative and awareness.
7. Build resilience.

As well as having loads of fun, children were acquiring real life skills such as teamwork, respect and communication.


The most awaited day of the year, yes the class Picnic. Kindergarten of Shantiniketan Public School were taken to Shivganga resort on 9th February 2017. After entering the gate of resort the kids were served breakfast which includes jalebi, upma & idli. Then the kids were allowed to play in the amusement park in which they enjoyed various rides. They too enjoyed in swimming pool , wave pool and danced in the rain dance. Lunch was also provided to the kids by the resort. The kids played, danced and enjoyed a lot in this trip. While coming home they got complimentary ice-cream which they loved a lot. Everyone return home happily.