Life in Kinder Garten

Daffodils is the junior chapter of Shantiniketan Public School. It houses the classes from Playgroup to Sr. Kg. To become the first love of every child by giving him/her a wonderful beginning to the long school life that starts ahead.

A wide range of activities transpires in these classes. Each class is managed by 2 teachers; the main teacher is assisted by an assistant teacher along with an "ayah".

There exists an abundance of play materials for these tiny tots, which range from varied indoor games to a large outdoor play station.

Good habits and mannerisms are inculcated amongst the children like good eating habits, table manners, language skills etc.

Each child is harnessed to become a confident child by way of individual presentations and interaction in different school activities like recitation, singing, fancy dress and other such competitions. They also work in groups and have a special kindergarten annual function called 'Rangeela'. Learning also takes place via educational trips made to the post office, fire department, banks etc and smart classes.

They also celebrate their parents and grandparents in different functions. In all, all rounded little people with a wholesome attitude to grow positively in life are imbibed in these young classes.